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How to write the identnumber on pdf

Question asked by Andreas Mayer on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by Charley Saint



I want to write the Ident number on some pdf document.

What I want to do exatly:


I want to have an option on the card for pdf files, lets call it "xyz", the option can be "0" or "1"

When I approve a pdf file with xyz=1, I want to have a footer or someting else, where I can read on every page of the Document the Text "Identnr: 0123445678"

The Number must be the Identnumber of the file. This number is in The Datacard of every file, and also in the filename.

I prefere to use the Identnumber out of the filecard, because this can not exist twice.


I think that should be a job for a task, wich is startet at the status update.


My Problem ist only the task, all the rest should not be a problem.


The pdf documents can be mor than one site, and also landscape or portrait.