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Sheet metal unfold/fold bug changes part orientation?

Question asked by David Skaurud on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by David Skaurud

We make a lot of display elements out of 6mm EPVC sheet using dados and V-grooving.  I have figured out a pretty good way to accurately create these parts and get usable flat patterns.  I have started running into an issue that happens only on occasion and for the life of me i cannot figure out.  I unfold my part, add necessary features, and when i fold my part again it completely changes the orientation despite having the same surface selected as i did in the unfold feature.



  1. I start out with .050 sheet metal and a bend radius of .001 because we cut our V-grooves down to a remaining thickness of .05 and heat bend the parts.
  2. unfold part, and make a sketch with lines offset .001 from the bend radius and extrude all surfaces .186 to get a 6mm part
  3. add a .186 @ 45 degree chamfer to the edges around the bend lines to create a "V-groove"
  4. add Dados, corner relief for router bits, cut outs etc.
  5. Fold part.


In all cases this works great. i get a 6mm "sheet metal" part with v-grooves and accurately fitting dados that i can generate flat patterns off of, but 10-15% of the time the part changes orientation. which is only detrimental in that is a hassle in making an assembly and that it is perplexing me.


If anyone has any thoughts or insight it would be much appreciated.