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2016SP1 - Can't install from Admin image if PDM client option is included

Question asked by Benjamin Abshire on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by Josiah Sansone

I have created a 2016 SP1 Administrative Image for upgrading all my client computers. During test of a fresh install, I get an "Exception in InstallNext" error at 1% . Investigating the logs I found this buried in the AppData folder:


Has anyone been able to successfully include PDM in their Administrative Images? Have you used your Image to upgrade EPDM to PDM Professional?


I hoping to use an Admin Image to upgrade SW and EPDM at the same time. Is this a wise move? Will EPDM clients that were installed using a 2015 admin image be upgraded to 2016 using the new image?


Note: I removed PDM Professional from the OptionEditor and SolidWorks installed correctly.