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    ~ files locking me out

    Mike Russell

      I have a ongoing problem with files that start with tilde ~ not being deleted when I close a file in solidworks.

      When I open a file and one of the tilde files are present that file will not be able to open the file.

      This must be a temporary lock file that should be deleted when I close out of the open file. but they are not always being deleted.

      Our IT said that it is not a server issue that it is a problem with solidworks.

      Anyone have any ideas?



      Mike Russell

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          Jeff Holliday

          This was a more common problem in earlier years of SW and normally results from an abnormal closing of the SW file. Whether this is the fault of SW, Microsoft, network, etc is unclear but I have not run across it recently.

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              Mike Russell

              Thanks Jeff,


              I have used Solidworks here at this company since Solidworks 98 we quit updating the software at around 2008 and I had never seen this issue

              until we upgraded to SW 2012.

              We are not using the PDM Vault all of our work is just done across the network.

              The company does not understand why we would need to have a server with PDM for engineering.

              Well thanks for replying.


              Mike R.