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    robert dattilo


                Real simple question here. I'm not finding a way to just insert indented bullets after numbers;Example-1.jpg

      I hardly use these, but this is the way my boss would like it. I can get it to do numbers or bullets, but not

      finding how to do it like the above note.


      Thanks in advance for any input;

      Rob_D 2015_Sp4

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          Christopher Estelow


             For the example above after you hit enter after typing material it should automatically put the number 2.  Hit the tab key and it should indent.  Right click on it and and click on bullets and numbering.  There should be a checkbox to change it to bullets.  After you are done entering the bullets hit shift + tab to reverse the indent then right click to change it back to number,


          Hope this helps,


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            joseph Isravel

            Hello Rob,




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              Matthew Menard

              Did you try these buttons?

              That will give you bullets and/or numbers.  If you want to recreate the example you posted, I would do the numbered items, then create a row between.  Your number two item will increment to three for the moment, but that's ok.  With your cursor on the blank 2 location, press tab to indent the row.  Your numbers should be back to 1 and 2.

              Becomes this:

              Fill in the indented rows and then highlight the two items you want bulleted.  When the items are highlighted, right click them and select the paragraph properties option.  In that dialog box, you can set your selection to bullets.

              Hope this helps.

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                joseph Isravel

                Instead doing R.C on the notes, why don't you try using insert annotations note command and see if that make any change.

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                  robert dattilo

                  Hello Joseph;


                      I think that will do it for me. I would probably prefer not having the spaces after the bullets, similar to my sketch, but I

                  think it wants to treat it as having the same indentation after the bullets, as after the numbers. Not sure why you can't just

                  have the option to R.C. & put a bullet in where you want it. That's probably just to easy. 


                  Thanks, again;