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Virtual Parts Disappear in Assembly

Question asked by Kevan Chapman on Oct 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Johannes Kefer
Has anybody else had this problem?
When starting new design in SW2008 I have gotten used to using the virtual parts function.
I start the concept design for my press tool by loading an assembly with the formed component then design the tool arround it.
Once I have decided on the concept I start saving the virtual parts to HD and renaming them. This seemed to always works but this latest design I am working on has failed as about 80% of the virtual parts do not show in the model and despite showing in the tree they are greyed out holding the mouse curser over the part in the tree shows "the file for this component could not be found" but why not as it is still set as a virtual part and has not yet been converted to a model on HD.
I have dot heard of this from anyone else. But this could be catastrophic in terms of wasting time as I will now have to repeat the exercise for all the missing parts.
I hope this is a one off!