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Solidworks installation keeps encountering an error

Question asked by Jeff Martens on Dec 14, 2015

I'm trying to reinstall Solidworks 2015-2016 and I keep getting the message "Internal error: The Windows Installer for this product component did not run as expected: Register_DocMgrDLL.9FB07B3D_0B7D_4A2F_82AB_F16B1F24912C". It gets to around 13-17% installation before this error pops up, and I then cancel the installation. (I've tried installing it a few times). On the most recent attempt I saved the logs.


I had Solidworks 2014-2015 up until early November when I installed the 2015-2016 version. Then randomly on Wednesday Dec 2 (I hadn't been on Solidworks since Saturday Nov 28, when Solidworks was working fine - I also believe that Windows updated itself between these 2 days) when I booted up Solidworks it took nearly 5 mins just to open one of my usual files, which normally takes <15 secs to open. Then I experienced some insane lag: I would go to rotate my part and it would take around 5 mins for Solidworks to process it.


I am currently running Windows 10, and have been since October. Solidworks 2014-2015 had no issues, and then Solidworks 2015-2016 ran without issue until December 2. I do realize that Solidworks doesn't yet support Windows 10, but if it had been running fine so far I'd like to find out why it no longer is.


Thank you in advance!