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    Cant save Assy or part as sat file - error message!

    Mike Roberts

      A customer has asked me to save one of our assemblies as a ACIS .sat file

      Normally we save the assembly as a part first, then save this ‘dumb part’ as a .sat file

      When I go through this process on my machine I get the message below when I try to save as a sat & can’t carry on any further

      sat export message.JPG


      My colleagues machine in the office has no problem saving the sat file. Both are running Solidworks 2014

      Even if I try to save a simple Solidworks part as a .sat file I get the same message


      Its a frustrating situation. Any reason this is happening on my pc & what can I do to fix it?

      Ive tried testing with various settings in the Options but with no success

      sat options.JPG

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          Kevin Chandler



          Have you tried a repair of SolidWorks?

          If others can and you can't, then perhaps your SW went off the rails somewhere, especially if it's reporting add-in messages (assuming that's accurate).





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            VENKATESH S.

            Dear Mike Roberts


            Kindly follow the below steps before SolidWorks installation. Microsoft update (KB3072630) will affect Solidworks software (versions 2011 to 2015).

            Temporarily disable the KB3072630 security fix (we do not recommend uninstalling it) by either following steps (a)-(f) below.
                a. Click Start, click Run, type "regedit" in the Open box, and then click OK.
                b. Locate and click the following subkey in the registry:   
                Note If this subkey does not exist, create it.
                c. In the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
                d. For the DWORD name, type "RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy", and then press Enter.
                e. Right-click RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy, and then click Modify.
                f. In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK.
            Install, update or uninstall SOLIDWORKS in the normal way.
            After SOLIDWORKS installs or updates successfully, reset the RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy DWORD value to 0 to re-enable the security fix
            for KB 307263

            For your information refer the link :


            Symptoms Of KB Issue Where:   

            1. Missing add-ins from the SOLIDWORKS add-ins list in the Tools menu.

            2. Error when launching SOLIDWORKS or opening a file: "Could not load SOLIDWORKS DLL:

            3. Crashes when recording, playing or editing a SOLIDWORKS Macro.

            4. Instability when using Equations.

            5. Error when launching SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWORKS Explorer: "DWG document manager library
            is invalid or missing".

            6. Pack and go issue


            Affected software

            SOLIDWORKS 2011 - 2015 Sp4.0.

            Thanks and Regards

            Venkatesh S

            Application Engineer

            E G S Computers India Pvt. Ltd.

            http://www.egsindia.com | http://www.egs.co.in | http://www.egsindia.blogspot.in