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Bad quality and other small issues

Question asked by Terry Cantwell on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Alin Vargatu


I recently built a new machine for the office and mainly for Solidworks use. The system is running on a new Skylake i7-6700k, with DDR4 RAM and 2x AMD w8100 FirePro GPUs. I don't know if there are settings that I need to change or what I need to do, but I am having a few issues that seem to be graphical most likely.


1) Lines around edges of parts in assemblies, showing broken lines behind surfaces where you normally wouldn't see them and weird jagged edges.


In the middle of the image and the bottom right, you can see little lines that shouldn't show up. Easier to tell in the bottom right hand corner, there are 2 short lines going down that you shouldn't be able to see? Also the small gray triangular edges going down the center. Under Tools > Options > Document Properties > Image Quality, I have the slider in to the red, and even if I go all the way to the end it still shows like this.


2) When I rotate an assembly, it turns a lot of the assembly in to blocks. When I first ran this machine it didn't do that, so I'm unsure as to why it is happening, but I don't believe it has to be happening?




3) This one isn't as easy to explain and doesn't happen as often, but when you put your mouse over a part in an assembly, it highlights it orange. Sometimes it seems to be running slow, and I can literally watch the outline trace around the part and have to wait for it before I can do anything. I don't think this system should be running slow by any means, it should run everything smooth and carefree. These few issues are the start, if I can get past them then maybe I can try and work on a few others I am having.


Any and all help is much appreciated!


Terry Cantwell