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Ubiquitous problem: Save as > file type list is way too long

Question asked by Alex Rich on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Alex Rich

When you try to export a file using save as, the list of file types is ridiculously long.  The list includes every single possible export format, so I have to sift through 35 esoteric file types to find STL or Parasolid which I use most of the time.


I would love to hide all the stuff I don't use somehow, does anyone have ideas for this?  I tried googling but couldn't find anything good on this topic.  Would be great if I could re-order so my favorites display first, then the others below.  I would be satisfied to just figure out a registry hack and permanently remove some of them though.


Of course this is a problem with almost every program where you can save to lots of different file types whether it be on a PC or a MAC.  I have the same problem with graphic design software with the myriad of image formats.  I wonder if anyone else has figured out a solution to this.