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    Part Reviewer & OneNote issue

    Aaron Williamson



      I'm fairly new to these forums. I worked for a re-seller for about 6 months, and currently work designing plastic injection molds, so my SolidWorks knowledge is "there", however, my experience is only about 1-2 years. I'm not sure if that will be relevant for this discussion (issue), but I thought it might help for those who read to know where my level of understand is/should be.


      I ran into an issue this morning with part reviewer opening my OneNote every time I click the step forward/backward buttons. Roll to beginning/end arrows do not show the issue. If OneNote is closed, it will open OneNote and make the window active. If the application is open, it will simply make it active. I will try and post a Jing link with a short video showing the issue. I'm not sure if anyone has come across this before. I tried to do a search and read a few posts, but have not seen what I am looking for.


      If you have any suggestions, I am open. I use the feature a lot, and it's getting a little frustrating (to the point of wanting to uninstall OneNote, which I also use).


      After Trying to record a video with Jing I was unable to recreate the issue while the video was being captured. As soon as I finished the video and clicked on the part reviewer arrows again, the problem came back. This is the weirdest thing I've seen yet.

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          Aaron Williamson

          I didn't give much time for a response, but I did happen to find the issue. It had to do with the taskbar icon that was in the first slot. If I press the windows key and the number 1 key, it will open whatever application takes up that spot. OneNote happened to be in that spot. When clicking the arrows in SolidWorks, it was somehow sending a winkey+1 keypress. I switched the icons and put SolidWorks first, and it was no longer opening OneNote. After a system restart, I haven't seen the issue again. If anyone else runs across this issue, I hope I've helped. I'm not sure what the SW command for stepforward/backward is, but it seemed to have a small interference for a short time.