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SW 2007 on new Mac

Question asked by Jonathan Cowcher on Dec 11, 2015

Hello, hoping someone can help me with compatibility of my 2007 SW program with new Mac computers.


I have been running SW2007 on XP Pro on  my 2010 15" MacBook Pro on bootcamp but am having some problems with the hardware and need to upgrade. This computer has an NVIDEA GeForce 9400M video card.


My preference would be a 13" Macbook Pro, however all the 13" Macs have Intel Iris Graphics 6100 cards and I'm concerned that this may struggle in comparison to what I'm currently running.


Going up the chain the 15" Macbbok Pro may be optioned with the AMD Radeon R9 but it becomes very expensive.


Or the iMac with the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200


Planning on sticking with the tried and true 2007 version of Solidworks and XP Pro, I know it inside out and it does everything I need and is super stable, my typical assemblies have under 100 parts. I don't have any requirement for photo real graphics. 


Would be eternally grateful for some feedback before I make a potentially very expensive mistake! Thanks