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Update part custom properties from a drawing without opening part

Question asked by Tony Thompson on Dec 11, 2015
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I am looking to create a Macro that will update a custom property of a part from within a drawing without having to open the part.

I have several custom properties assigned to a part or an assembly and one of them is named Shop Order and this is the job number assigned to the part to be able to track it's cost and progress through the shop. This is just an incremental 5 digit number assigned to each job and the Shop Order custom property is used to populate the title block of the drawing and one of the Engineers is complaining about having to open the part and drawing to change the Shop Order for repeat parts. For example a new part may have the Shop Order 45987 the first time it is made then the customer may order a replacement or backup so the SolidWorks drawing is opened and the Shop Order might be 49852 now and the only way to change the custom property of the part is to also open it and change the Shop Order number so it will update the title block of the drawing.


What I would like to do is create a Macro that would update the Shop Order custom property of the part or assembly in the drawing views without having to open the part. I would like to create a toolbar button or a keyboard shortcut and when the Macro is ran a dialog box would open with a text box to enter the new Shop Order number into and an OK or Update button in the dialog box that would change the Shop order of the part. I know you can do this with Task Scheduler but it takes longer and is too cumbersome just to change the Shop Order of a single part but if I re-release an entire punch press die that has dozens of drawings then I would use Task Scheduler for this the Macro I want to create would be for single parts that are reordered. I am no expert at VB but have dabbled in it mostly in Excel.


We are using SolidWorks 2015 (I have Premium but the rest of the shop has Professional) but look to update to 2016 after the first of the year so I would need the Macro to be able to run in SolidWorks 2016 also.