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    Can not open drawing

    Vinod Natarajan

      Hi All,


      I can not open some drawings from the server

      When I am trying to open it is processing for a long time and not opening

      The part models and assembly models are all opening fine

      Finally I have to force down solid works to close

      The problem started after I did some corrections to the drawings saved and closed it

      The next time when I want to open the drawings it is not opening at all


      But the weird part is if I close Solid Works and open the drawing directly from the folder, The drawing is opening in a fresh solid works


      Can any one please help me to understand what is the problem and a solution to open these drawings


      Thanks for your help in advance


      Thank You,


        • Re: Can not open drawing
          Josef Kasik

          Try to start SWx in Safe modes:

          - When it works fine with the Software openGL, it means that it is graphics related issue

          - When it works fine with the second option, bypassing the Tolls/Options settings, It means that you have problem in your SWx settings

          - or contact your reseller and they can test your drawings in different environment...