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Right Clicking on feature causes outlining of the part before I can edit

Question asked by Don Stiemke on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Jim Wilkinson

This is difficult to explain, which is why I took a video.


When I try to edit a feature of a part, I right click on the feature. When I do this, the part outlines itself (in orange lines) very slowly. Normally this happens instantly, but now takes 4 seconds. This happens every time I edit a feature, which adds a lot time to my workday.


I have a (5 month old) Dell M3800 laptop, 16 gb ram, Win 7, Running SW 2011 SP4.0, Video Card is Quadro K1100M


4 other coworkers have the same laptop and haven't seen this issue.


I have tried taking coworkers setting and installing them. It solves the problem for a day and then this pops up again. I have done SW RX and cleared out files.


Any other steps I should try?


thanks for the help