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    stop of star.exe

    Lin Reynold



      i was running simulation by solidworks 2014,  at the first it all went fine, it even gave the solving message, but suddenly it appeared a window shows ''star.exe has stopped working'', then told the simulation is failure.

      i found that some suggest to move the whole profile to c base, but it still dont work on me.


      does anyone have the same problem as me or any solution? thanks! 

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          Erik Olofsson

          It seems as if the 2014 version is pretty bad when it comes to simulation. I'm using 2014 aswell and my FloXpress is not working either, but I don't get any error message.


          Are you using Windows 10? Cause that could be the issue, try running the program in Windows 8 or 7 compatibility mode.

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            James Riddell

            What are you running?  Any pics?  Is your model over constrained with the new BCs?  Do they conflict?

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                Lin Reynold

                im running a static model of human mandibular, and actually i only add loading forces.i think the model is well constrained, if not, the system would turn into error.

                about the conflict, i wonder you mean the body part or the BCs and loading, cause the body meshing had been done, so there should be no conflict between parts.

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                Jay Seaglar

                If you are using SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP4, it could be the following known issue:


                SPR 803290 - "Regression: In 2014 SP4.0, solver crash when running static or frequency analysis containing bolt connectors and gravity or centrifugal load (with any solver)"


                The issue is resolved in 2014 SP5, so upgrading to a newer version should resolve this.


                If this is urgent, please contact your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller (VAR) for assistance. Your VAR will probably guide you through troubleshooting to identify whether this happens only for some studies or for any study (such as a simple extruded solid body model with only one fixture and one load).

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                    Lin Reynold

                    im using solidworks 2014 sp3(unfortunately a much older ver.)


                    i see that you mention about centrifugal load, this is the only type of loading i've used in the model.previously, i placed about 5 centrifugal loads and ended up with no errors.later, i put on like three more centrifugal loads, and it came to crash.


                    i've contacted our VAR and he told me that the crash may mostly caused by my BCs setting, but as my description, it was all fine before i added just only three more loads, so i cant totally accept its all about the BCs or other conditions.


                    though, i'll take your advice and request an update, thanks for your comment!