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Ballon linked to a line in BOM

Question asked by Kenneth Andersen on Dec 10, 2015

Hi SolidWorks


I have for many years beenmissing a possibility to insert a balloon in a drawing and linked to a specific
line in a Bill of Material (BOM).


Why? the reason is this:
when you insert a BOM in a drawing, there contains an assembly with other sub-assemblies
and parts, then I use the "BOM Type" / ”Indented and Flat numbering"
option, the reason for that is of cause that I want to show all my assemblies
and parts in the BOM, BUT here comes the problem, I am only able to get balloons
on parts not on assemblies.


I hope that SolidWorks will provide a solution, where it possible to insert a balloon and right click on
the balloon, and get an option fly out "link to a row in BOM"
and then click on the row in the BOM you chose, and it will be easy to see
witch balloons there are linked to witch row, cause you just click on the balloon
and it highlight in BOM and the other way around.


I have her insert Pictures where the problem today are shown.



Regards Kenneth Andersen

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