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    志忠 曾

      在使用SIMULATIONXPERSS时 指定零件材质时没有反应,请指教QQ图片20151210160954.png

          Sarah Dwight

          I would try "Start Over" to see if it is just the program messing up.


          The first time I tried this I got the same results. It wouldn't let me add a material.

          Then SW told me my material had no structural properties, even though they are clearly there. It put a green check next to Material as though it had added it, but nothing changed.

          Then I clicked "Start Over" and tried again and it worked. I have no idea why.

          I tried again with "Start Over" and couldn't get it to add a fixture, which was greyed out.

          I had to shut down and restart SolidWorks to get it to work correctly.