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Revision Markers - How do you use them?

Question asked by Don Cheke on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Anil Rathi

Hi All,


I revised a drawing today where I removed some detail. Since I did not add identifiable detail I did not place a revision marker in the drawing. One of my co-workers questioned me about this and I explained that there was nothing to mark, so the revision description in the revision table should suffice. Does anyone know the 'right way' in which this should be addressed? Should a revision marker always be used?


In a google search I found this post under an engineer fourm. Don't know where it is quoted from.


5.4 Revision Symbol


The revision symbol may be used to identify an item or area of change on the drawing.  The symbol should be placed at or near the location affected by the change.  A single revision symbol may be used to identify multiple changes within one area.  See Fig 5.1 [same figure currently called Fig 5]. 


5.4.1 Symbol Application


Where a revision symbol is used, the revision letter, and the sequence number when used, shall be enclosed in a circle, triangle, square or hexagon.  See Fig 5.2 [a new figure that shows all the symbols].  One or more leaders may be used to indicate a specific location.  See Fig. 5.1 (a), (b), (c) and (d) [same figure currently called Fig 5].


5.4.2 Omitting Symbols


[Remove this section for three reasons.  First, the use of revision symbols is not a requirement. Second, with the inclusion of more symbol shapes, the conflict condition isn't likely.  Third, the reliance on the revision description is self-evidence when taken in context of the Y14.35 standard on the whole.]