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    Dimension with tolerance limits that do not bracket the nominal model dimension

    Zach Martin

      I have a shaft that is nominally 0.75" diameter.  I want to specify it to be manufactured between 0.747 to 0.749.


      I could set the model diameter to 0.748 and then in the drawing I just add 0.001" bilateral tolerances.


      But that seems a little clumsy, it would be simpler if I could keep the model diameter at the nominal 0.75, and the tolerance information 'lives' only in the drawing.


      This is a fairly trivial example but in other cases where I am using metric dimensions converted to imperial and it becomes less trivial (I have to keep a separate Excel table) because I get dimensions like 10.791".


      I'm thinking my only option is to learn how to use ISO shaft tolerances...