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    Digvijay Taunk

      Hi all,

      Try searching this method "CreateSectionViewAt6" in API help, its not there, but when you record a macro to create a section view, it is using this method with different number of arguments than CreateSectionViewAt5.


      Basically I am not able to create a section view of assembly with some parts excluded. Passing the components object for the argument "ExcludedComponents" is not giving me any different result at all.


      Code I am writing is:


       Status = DrawDoc.ActivateView("View1")
          swView = DrawDoc.ActiveDrawingView
              swSketchSegment = ModelDoc.SketchManager.CreateLine(X1, Y1, 0.0#, X2, Y2, 0.0#)
        Dim excludedComponents As Object
              excludedComponents = GetExcludeComp(swView)
              swView = DrawDoc.CreateSectionViewAt5(0.2, 0.14, 0, "A", 1, excludedComponents, 0)
              swSectionView = swView.GetSection
              ' Set some section-view settings
              swSectionView.CutSurfaceBodies = True
              swSectionView.DisplaySurfaceBodies = True
              swSectionView.ExcludeSliceSectionBodies = True
       Private Function GetExcludeComp(swView As View) As Object
              Dim RefComp As Object
              Dim RefModelDoc As ModelDoc2 = swView.ReferencedDocument
              Dim AssmDoc As AssemblyDoc
              If RefModelDoc.GetType = swDocumentTypes_e.swDocASSEMBLY Then
                  AssmDoc = RefModelDoc
                  RefComp = AssmDoc.GetComponents(False)
              End If
              Dim ExcludeComp(0) As Object
              Dim Count As Integer = 0
              For Each Comp As Component2 In RefComp
                 'ReDim Preserve ExcludeComp(Count)
                  If Not Comp.Name2.Equals(UCase(Part) & "-1") Then
                      ExcludeComp(Count) = Comp ' Adding all Components other that "Part-1"
                      Count += 1
                  End If
              Return ExcludeComp
          End Function
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          Matthias Krichbaum

          Hi Digvijay,