Jason Capriotti

Admin Image upgrades

Discussion created by Jason Capriotti on Oct 9, 2007
We do silent installs from an admin image. With 2007 we first installed sp3.0, then later run a batch file to upgrade to sp4.0. Problem is, sp3.0 still shows up in the Add/Remove Programs list, so there's now both sp3.0 and sp4.0 there. It also leaves the sp3.0 icon on the desktop.

The upgrade didn't install it twice, both icons point to the same folder. At first I just ignored it as I figured there was a bug with the installer and it wasn't that big a deal.

Now the problem is when I do an automatic uninstall. It removes sp4.0 almost instantly. But sp3.0 and all the program files are still there. It's not until I uninstall it again that it finally gets removed.

So is something wrong with the silent install or have I set it up wrong. Here's the line in the batch file that does the upgrade:

msiexec /i English_i386_SolidWorks.msi INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\SolidWorks" UPGRADESWINSTALL=1 INSTALLWDS=0 SWMIGRATE="SolidWorks 2007 SP03.0" /qb