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Controlling the number of decimal places in the Length callout of a cut list item

Question asked by Dan Frey on Dec 9, 2015
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I am trying to control the number of decimal places displayed for the Length of cut list items in weldments. More specifically, I have modified the Description callout to include the Length property and I want the same number of decimal points to be displayed in the length dimension even when the dimension is a round number.


As an example, I have made the following weldment with six sections of 2" x 2" x 1/8" steel tube. I am using the dimensions to dynamically define the description, so the number of decimal places should be tied to the precision of the units in the model as specified in Document Properties. I currently have the length set to exactly 32", and in Document Properties -> Units I have the precision set to two decimal places. The result looks like this:




In short, I want the number I underlined in red to read "32.00". The cut list tables in my drawing act the same way. That is, the other measurements of the tube are dependent on the Document Properties -> Units setting but the length is listed as "32" instead of "32.00".


If I change the length dimension to a decimal number (e.g. 32.125") and update the cut list, the length is rounded to 2-place (32.13"), as desired.




The actual Length cut list property has the same behavior as the value I have transferred into the Description in both cases above, so the issue is not in the way I am transferring the value.


Does anyone know how to force the number of decimals shown for the Length to match the number of decimals set in Document Properties -> Units?