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Problem checking in library parts as normal parts into PDM

Question asked by Mike Roberts on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Mike Roberts

Im having some problems with saving & checking in some parts as library parts into PDM


We’ve created our own library of fixings etc because we found that the Solidworks toolbox items were really unreliable (especially after installing SW updates, creating random sizes etc). The new library has been working really well.

Today I had to make a new fixing (Test Nail) to add to our library & I noticed that when checking in the assembly that I didn’t have the library icon next to the new fixing (Test Nail) & it was going to check it in to PDM Workgroup as a new part (even though its set to read only in my library location)


I added the new fixing to our library in the usual way (r clicked the feature manage tree & add to library) & the new fixing appears in the same location as the other fixings

I did use the sldsetdocprop.exe application to change the flag to a toolbox part  off & on but that just changed the icon from a normal part to a toolbox part. I want my new Test Nail part to appear as the M10x25mm HT Hex bolt appears in this snapshot (as a library part in my Raw Material project)

Library checkin.jpg

Thanks for any advice