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Lock Rotation Option Not Showing up in Mates

Question asked by John Wayman on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by Dmitry Ofitserov

Good morning,

I have always used the Lock Rotation option in my Concentric Mates, because, coming from a Pro/E background, I am conditioned to need everything fully constrained.

I recently did a consolidation exercise, in which I took the Options settings from another user's system and applied them to mine, using the Copy Settings wizard - I decided my settings were too 'idiosyncratic', so I wanted to have us all working with something that looked similar.

Now I find that the option 'Lock Rotation' no longer appears in a Concentric Mate, or in the RMB menu.

Is there an option to turn this on and off?


What have I done wrong now?



SW2014 SP5




If I create a new assembly, it appears. It has just disappeared in my existing assembly, in which I have been using it for ages!

I'll try the re-boot option. Again.