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    Adobe Photoshop/recovery psd

    Ethan Haynes

      Hi ,

      I’m a matte painter and I’m facing a problem concerning photoshop . I was working on a psd. file and after finishing my work I press ctrl+s to save it but unfortunately in the middle of the saving process the c.p.u. has been turned off because of the u.p.s fault

      After restarting the system, I try to open my same psd file but I got an error msg. (could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop). I’m using photoshop cs4. plz let me know if there is any possibility to get my data back. Even as jpeg file.. I worked so hard on that project. Thanks.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Sorry but this is not a Photoshop forum. Kindly post your query on the Photoshop forums.

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            Louise Dami



            The Photoshop file format is very complex. It starts with a file header containing the meta information of the whole file, followed by several parts containing the actual data. You can find more detailed information about the Photoshop file format by searching on Google with the keyword “Photoshop file format”. If the file header containing the meta information is corrupt, or any follow-up parts are damaged or corrupted, then you will not be able to open the file correctly with Photoshop. In such a case, the first step is to try to use the built-in repair or recovery function in the Photoshop, to see if it can repair or recover the corrupt file. If not, then you need to resort to a third-party PSD repair software to scan the corrupted file and retrieve all recoverable data for you. It is also possible to find a data recovery expert or company to do the task, but in most of the cases, they will also use a third-party tool to do the recovery for you.


            The main difference between using the software by yourself and by a third-party service company is:

            (1)    The company is familiar with the data recovery industry so he knows which software is the best one. While you need to search and compare the software online by yourself, which is time-consuming.

            (2)    The company purchases the software for multiple usages, while you purchase the software for one-time usage only. So normally the service fee may be cheaper than the license fee for the software.

            (3)    DIY will keep your data confidential while do the recovery via a company may cause data breach.


            In the past, I have encountered a similar problem and DataNumen PSD Repair at




            helps to recover my file. So I recommend you to try it.


            Good luck!

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              Lawrence Bell

              Hi …,

              This is why I'm a big advocate of working on a copy of your file. You may have a temp file on your system that was created when you did the save, otherwise you are out of luck - the file is corrupted. If it is so, I suggest to you to try restore your file via Photoshop Recovery Toolbox. I hope you will restore some your work information.  http://www.oemailrecovery.com/photoshop_recovery.html

              On large files you should not only save often but use the "Save As..." command to save copies and not overwrite your working file each time.

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                Lawrence Bell

                Here is more about recovering Adobe Photoshop documents


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                  Ryan Harris

                  PSD File Repair application allows you to repair and recover the each bit of information saved in Adobe PSD file easily. To repair damaged PSD file, you can make the use of this application. You can download this application from the site and fix your damaged PSD file without any difficulty. For more information about it follow this link: http://www.howtofixpsdfile.com/

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                    Trixr Reat

                    Hi Ethan, your psd file get corrupted due to abrupt system shutdown, that is reason you are unable to read or open psd file. In order, to fix corrupt psd file their are many repair tool available, you need to choose most reliable tool because not all the tool are up to the mark. The tool which is mentioned in this link might help you in fixing psd file easily.