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Sketching for CNC machining.

Question asked by Tom Fischer on Dec 8, 2015


I am Green At S/W and am looking for a way to sketch and model parts for fit and size variation (machining tolerance).

I am thinking I like top down design but not sure. Maybe I want to use Layout?

My assemblies use parts from other assemblies.

A simple example is a box with recess that nests the lid, secured with screws perpendicular to the top.

I would like to sketch the location of the screw holes, centerline of gap between the box recess and the outside of the lid.

From that I should to be able to offset geometry for cover / lid clearance (taking machining tolerance into consideration).

And position screw holes without having to input any more numbers.

I need my geometry to the mean of the tolerance.

and only want to put in the numbers once, seem Logical?

From what I have learned I can do this, "In Context"?

The thing I do not understand is how to get the lid and the box as different part numbers.

Thank You,