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    how to automatically count location instances

    Gregory Thompson

      I am working on a class project for GD&T and cannot get the instances of a dimension to add up, which means I have to manually write it in the drawing. The solidworks help says to highlight the dimensions, right click, select "combine dimensions."


      However, I never get the option to combine as that selection is not in the menu.

      When I make the drawing, the instance count does not always show up, and the GD&T FCF has to be manually inserted. Again...


      My goal is to have the hole instances count and the location instances count. The point is not for a work around. It should count instances automatically.



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          Kenneth Barrentine

          make sure you're holding the "ctrl" key down and select the 3 dims.

          then right click


          i agree that the instance of the 2 holes should be captured automatically.

          that said, capturing the surface of the notch in that same instance would be a stretch.


          overall dimxpert is a bit clunky.

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              Gregory Thompson

              The dimension from the bottom edge captures the 2 holes and the notched-in corner edge (displayed vertically), just not the distance between holes (horizontally). Using the Hole Call out is great, captures the instances and info about the hole(s), I find it interesting that SW does not allow the option to combine the dimensions.


              I'll try a few more model configurations with different features and see what I get and will share it in this thread. I am trying to create a simplified drawing template almost, as to eliminate missing notations when going from model to drawing.





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              Glenn Schroeder

              I've never used that feature, but I suspect that this sentence is why you aren't given that option in the drop-down:



              As you can see, in the example shown all three dimensions are referencing the bottom edge.  Your example doesn't seem to have a common reference.


              I don't know if it meets any official standard, but in your example it's pretty common practice to insert one of the dimensions and include text, such as "Typical x 3".  (See How to show equidistant holes in a drawing.)

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                Ryan McVay

                It's great to see people learning the tools and applying standards...but the real world is all about production.


                If you are not using the these dimensions in a MBD scenario then there is no ROI for going through the hassle of applying all the dimensions and then collecting them together for 3X callout. Image this if you had a series of holes of 10 or 15! Even in a MBD scenario I'm not sure I would tie an edge and the holes together. They are, more than likely, not functionally related. Just my opinion and I know it's classroom project.