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Multiple Hole centerlines radiating from single point

Question asked by Chris Beckman on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Mike Pogue

Is it possibly to make a collection of hole's center lines go through a certain point?


Similar to... Sphere with Holes


A friend has created a Christmas tree ornament with holes in it, that he intends to put a small light into, to have the light shine through.  The Christmas tree is not a cone, but rather a low polygon cone/hexagonal pyramid (see below).  The holes he created are currently normal to each surface, but I suggested making their centerlines all go through one point (where the bulb will be placed) to allow the light to shine through better.


I took the time to 3D print it last night and as I thought, the light traveled poorly through the holes.

(Youll notice its not solidworks, hes a catia guy, but I plan to re-draw it in solidworks tonight)


Short of doing each hole on each face individually (and then duplicating on the other faces), is there a way to easily do this?


One idea I had was to create a large sphere around the entire model, centered around where the light bulb will be, then patterning the holes onto the sphere and cutting into the tree, and then finally removing the sphere, but I feel as if that would require a large amount of work in positioning the holes to get them where I want them on the tree.  (the spiraling ribbon thing will be removed and done after the holes have been added)


Has anyone ever encountered something like this?


I guess a possible solution to this (rather than changing the holes), would be to make larger holes (duh), or to coat the inside of the tree with a metallic/reflective paint?  Just another idea I had when typing this post up.