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Modeling generator coils as a flat spiral rectangle and controling the gaps on the wrap.  I'm able to generate a loose rectangular wrap around a rectangular core but controling the gap spacing seems to be impossible. 

Question asked by Mac Baker on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Frank Schiavone

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I'd really like to control the gaps a bit better.  A rectangle spiral command would be awesome right about now.  - Hint!!!!


I'm generating my swept path by converting entities from a 3D intersection curve sketch that was made on the intersection of a surface sweep intersecting with the surface of an extrusion with a taper and fileted corners.  One would think the easy answer would be to increase the draft angle to reduce the gaps.  It reduces the gaps on the offset entities but for some reason it chokes the swept boss/base command.   Eventually, I'll hook up a series of these "pancakes" to better resemble their actual configuration like a loaf of bread and run some magnetic studies with them.  It's probably WAY BEYOND SW but what the hay.  So was the factory I modeled out before lightweight configurations were an option.  Any life savers out there?



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