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Define plane direction

Question asked by K. St on Dec 8, 2015
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Currently i have a problem to define the direction of a plane. The resulting  ''error'' i get is the result of several steps.


1. I have defined a plane Tangent on a curve(The curve is drawn on the Front plane). perpendicular on the front plane. Its centerpoint is also defined with a Point.

2. On top of this plane i have to draw 3 different sketches.

3. The first sketch is to define a complex hole position. 1 slotted holle with 2 holes on each side. (Check my related post Already solved: Complex hole Pattern )

     3a. In this sketch i give every important Dimension a name. I am realy creative: The Left 2 holes are called Left and the Right 2 holes are called Right.

     3b: Example: The Right holes have a Position: X_Right_Hole and Y_Right_Holes

4. The second sketch is a convert from the first 2 holes (on the left side).

5. The third sketch is a convert from the second 2 holes (on the right side).

6. after that i make a seperate cut extrude from each sketch. And then i make a variable pattern.


Now the stuff is getting annoying. I have only made 1 plane (Step 1). For each step i make he keeps switch the direction of this plane. You can notice the plane direction by the ''Plane [number]'' in the Top Left corner. Each time the Plane Name is in another corner of the plane.


What is the end result? Totaly random...

1 situation: The holes i have drawn Left flip to the Right side. And the holes i have drawn on the right side.... remain on the right side. Resulting: Error: You are making a hole inside a hole.

2 situation: The holes remain in the irght position (i think) but the dimensions are switched. The Holes Left are defined by X_Right_Hole and Y_Right_Hole.


Check my Attachments for more explanation. Note: Each time it takes me time to solve the problem. I only show my latest 2 errors. So far the ''Sketch 8 X'' Tekst have been in every corner of the plane.


My main question: How do i prevent my plane direction from changing? I dont care in which direction it points, aslong it doesnt change with each sketch/change i make.


Thanks for any answers,