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PDM Standard: what about unique file names and shared links?

Question asked by John Burrill on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Tom Cote

Hi Everyone,
I realize that there aren't a lot of PDM standard implementations out there, but I'm hoping some people with EPDM will be able to weigh in on these aspects o PDM.
I've never really used EPDM but I have extensive experience with Workgroup PDM.  So I'm setting up a PDM Standard implementation and I've read through the getting started guide and the documentation's left me a little anxious about two things.

First, there isn't any mention of the unique file name requirement.  WPDM has this requirement as do other document management systems, and I think I remember hearing that ePDM has it too, but someone please tell me whether that applies to the files in a Vault View on a client workstation, or does it apply to an entire vault, or do the names have to be unique for every file in the archive server?

Second, the Getting Started PDF says that Shared File are only implemented in EPDM.  Does this mean that if I have a reference that's used in multiple projects that I have to have a copy of the file in each one or that I have to add EPDM projects to the SolidWorks file search  path?

Finally, if I install my Vault View on my machine in a different folder from where my partner installs it on his, does that mean, potentially, he could open an assembly I've checked in and it won't be able to find its references?

I'm trying to get out ahead of these questions, while my implementation is still in the planning stages, so I appreciate any insight you can provide.