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Solidworks contour render not working correctly

Question asked by Daniel Hiscoke on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by Brandon Croft

I am having an issue with contour rendering. I've been using Solidworks for a number of years now and have never come across an issue which wasn't solvable by trawling the forums, but i haven't been able to find anyone with the same problem. Which probably means it's 100% user-error.

Here's the issue:

I want to render an object in contour mode; usually this would yield a black and white line drawing and that's it.

Now i'm getting a "ghost" of the item inside the lines and you can also see the hidden edges faintly.


This is the first render since upgrading to 2016 and all my previous settings were lost, but i've done my best to put them back to how they were.


Steps i've already tried:

Options> display Style> Hidden lines removed

Options>Display/Selection>Edge Display in shaded with edges mode> HLR

Changed the materials, They all do the same.

Changed the environment

Checked the transparency settings of materials (thought this shouldn't be showing up in a contour render anyway).


So, just to clarify, what i'd expect to see is a completely white image with just the black outlines.

The images below show that is not what i'm getting.


issue 1.JPG

issue 2.JPG


Any help or points in the right directions would be appreciated.


Many Thanks,