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Is the 2016 UI better for color blindness?

Question asked by Dwight Livingston on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Matt Taylor

I see it written in various threads that the 2016 UI is intended to be better for those with forms of color blindness. I am not color blind, but I do on occasion work with product color. I having trouble seeing where the lack of color helps in the case of the SW UI. The images below compare old and new icons colors (images stolen from some forum posting - thanks), the first being direct screen shots and the sets below showing what Adobe claims simulates each of two forms of color blindness. I would say some colors are missing, but I don't see how the new UI is at all more readable than the old. But again I am not colorblind. Of the men on this forum, some 1 in 8 ought to be color blind, and I am interested on their take. It may help me as a designer to hear your opinion.




SW colors.png