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How to calculate Drag Coefficient of a Car

Question asked by Peter Pedro on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Boyko Tchavdarov

I am very new into Solidworks Flow Simulation. I want to undergo a flow simulation of my car like a wind tunnel testing in real life. I've done the steps coming from the forum and some other sources but none of them has the answer on how to calculate the Drag Coefficient of the car using the formula. I am new into simulations and I am learning it bit by bit in some point. The attach photo is the formula for the Drag Coefficient, I want to know how to calculate the drag, fluid density, velocity, reference area. I want to explain this in my thesis defense concerning how did I get the Cd of my car using the formula.


I've tried something with global goals, and surface goals but I think I didn't get to where I want it to be.


Hope you guys can help me out step by step into this. I'm going nowhere.