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    change sheet metal K-factor

    Viktor Bovzdarenko

      Hi All

      I am trying to change K-factor for sheet metal parts; unfortunately my macro changes the value only if "Override default parameters " is ticked manually;

      Could anyone help me to reach  "Override default parameters " option through API and change K_factor even if it is not ticked manually?

      Maybe somewhere is hidden the API for CustomBendAllowance similar to swSheetMetal.SetOverrideDefaultParameter(True)?


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          John Christensen

          I use the attached macro on parts where I want to alter the bend deduction or k factor, and/or get a report on the important sheet metal bend parameters. A dialog box will come up asking for either "BD" or "K".


          Enter "BD" :

          will set all sub features to override

          ask for a radius and thickness to calculate from

          will insert the new bend deduction on all sub features without actually changing part geometry

          uses a k factor of .3327, can be edited in the macro

          useful for altering a parts bend radius and thickness used for flat pattern calculations without actually altering part geometry



          will set all sub features to override

          ask for a k factor to calculate from

          will insert the new k factor on all sub features


          If left blank it will return a report on the current bend parameters without changing anything


          The sub features parameters are what ultimately drive the flat pattern calculations, so leaving the main features unchanged doesn't effect the final flat pattern


          A report location is currently set at:


          and would need to be changed