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    Using Exploded Views to Create Drawing Views for Manuals

    Jason Ehlers

      I am creating a manual to guide construction crews to assemble a material handling auger.  The complete SW assembly has over 100 parts and that number does not include any fasteners. I plan to use exploded views in SW and then to use SW Drawing to show the exploded view with the parts called out.  These drawing views will then be inserted into a manual.  My question is directed to those who use SW to create manual views and no we do not have SW Composer. 


      Question:  Is it better to explode the entire SW assembly and then to try to create small views in SW Drawing from the large assembly or is it easier to create smaller sub assemblies of the large assembly from which exploded views are created?

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          Kevin Chandler



          Depending on your SW version, you can create multiple exploded views per assembly.

          If your version supports this, I'd suggest first planning your explodes and then creating them.


          Since each explode is independent of the others, you can expand and collapse as required to capture for your documents.


          If you need specific views per explode, save the views with a name similar to the explode's name for easier association.


          If balloons or BOMs aren't required, a screen shot (using Windows snipping tool for example) or a PDF save as from SW directly can be employed to generate images.


          Do you plan on adding annotations in the manual for each explode image?

          Or will you be adding these in SW? If so, I'd create sheet formats with views.

          I think model based annotations (i.e.: annotation views, etc.) will be too troublesome for your OP.


          Tip: At the heads-up drop down menus, first select the white background for cleaner captures.


          If balloons or BOMs are required, create a sheet format sized and oriented to your manual's dimensions: 8-1/2 X 11 Portrait.

          Remove all of the sheet format data not need, even to a blank sheet if needed,

          Create the view layout for the specific explode per sheet with accompanying BOMs and balloons and add any caption text, etc.


          Tip: To more easily maintain consistent scaling, use sheet formats (with common scales) instead of making model screen shots (scale is too easily varied).


          Review SW Help for Display States to see if these can also benefit your needs.


          I hope this helps.





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            Casey Bergman

            I have done it both ways, sometimes I will just create configurations of the top level assembly and hide or suppress the parts I don't need to see and then explode each configuration.

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              Roland Schwarz

              Put yourself in the muddy shoes of those doing the assembly.


              I prefer multiple explodes.Start big and work down to detail as needed. Simple and step-by-step.