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    disappearing appearances in assembly

    N. Ritchey

      weird issue --- any suggestions?


      see attached image. on the left is an assembly comprised of five parts and three subassemblies. all appearances are applied at the part-level.


      on the right is how the assembly appears as it is imported as a sub-assembly into a higher-level assembly. the appearance state of the 90d connector is not displayed. it appears as a standard part with no appearance properties applied to it.


      none of the other parts exhibit this behavior. every part in this assembly has a custom appearance property (whether it's the library's "Satin Finish Copper" or a custom appearance used for printed circuit boards). none of these parts are missing their appearances. only that one connector.


      logically this would indicate a problem with the appearances of that connector, but i cannot figure it out.


      this part was imported from a manufacturer's model.


      *** i just opened the part file for that connector. "re-applied" the appearances, making the body "white" and the faces of the leads "copper". now in the higher-level assembly, the entire part is white including the leads.


      clearly i have an ability to affect how that part is displayed, but it's not displaying in this higher-level assembly as it does as a part. in the lower level assembly it does appear as it does as a part.


      jeez this even sounds confusing typed out.

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          N. Ritchey

          for what it's worth ---


          i opened the part file and split it into multiple bodies --- i cut a small gap around the leads separating them from the plastic body, creating 7 bodies. i then applied the appearances to each body as opposed to faces. the part-in-subassembly not appears "correct" per the part file.


          i'm still not sure on the "why" or "how" though, this is just a work around, and i'd rather not have a 7-body part occupying memory when it could be a single-body part.

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            Ingvar Magnusson

            Some ideas if I understand you correctly.


            Check if you have any assembly overrides, see images.


            • image1: First part is green in the assembly and gray in the part
            • image2: RMC click the part in the assembly/subassembly and select appearances.


            assembly appearance.jpg


            appearance override.jpg