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High stresses in a filter pressure simulation

Question asked by Angel Jesús Cruz Bermúdez on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by Vladimir Urazhdin

Hello, my name is Angel,


I have to find the maximum allowable pressure inside a filter like the one of the picture attached. When for example I apply a pressure of 0.3 bar inside the filter, large displacements appear, if I accept large displacements option a solver error appears in any case so I decided to make a nonlinear analysis.


The intention is to get the Von Mises stresses when the yield point is reached, and check whether the filter resists certain pressure.

The filter is fixed at its bottom and is aprox. 3 meter long and 1.5 meter width.

I have used a standard mesh, with 10 mm and 0.5 of tolerance. This is the finest mesh I can do because a little mesh increase the solution time a lot. The aspect ratio of the mesh is about 6, not bad I think.

The results don't convince me, there are high stresses on the sharps corners and his vicinities and i think that there aren't real stresses. It could be possible? If it is real results the filter only resists 0,15 bar wich are a very poor results because it is working at -0,3 bar.

The finest the mesh, the highest the stresses in that zones.


Thank you all.