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Sub-Assembly BOM ?

Question asked by John Stoltzfus on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by John Stoltzfus

We have three different choices when inserting BOM's, top-level, parts only, and indented.  Here I am trying to automate our ECN/ECR documents where I can input the information once in either a user form or Custom Property Tab Builder.


I know the Top Level BOM would work for most of my assemblies, but I do have a few assemblies that are 3 or 4 deep and these only show in the indented BOM, which you can't sort or change any thing..


My question - Is there anyway to create a BOM that only pulls the Sub-Assemblies and nothing else.


This will allow me to have ECN/ECR documents as the first pages of the drawing file, so all the information is in one place, not a Word Document for the ECR and a Excel Document for the ECN that we currently have.


I use multiple tab drawings for all of our projects and I use a Macro from Leon Wurr that doesn't count the first pages based on the Tab Name, so all my "Other" information can be in the first 2 or 6 sheets and these additional pages don't add to the total number of Sheets (Sheet 1 of 10) etc...





Thanks in advance