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Spring connectors have two components with different units, how to link both to parameters

Question asked by Eric Gernot on Dec 4, 2015
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I am working on a problem that requires a big number of spring connectors (more than 75) connected to a great number of faces. The result is a very slow interface each time I need to edit the definition of a connector, because SW keep refreshing the list of selected faces. I need to change the values of stiffness (in N/m/m²) and preload force (in N/m²) for all, but hopefuly, all share the same values, only difference is the set of faces to which they apply.


Is there a way to edit these values without opening each spring connector's property manager ?


I wanted to link each to a parameter, but SW 2015 won't link two parameters with different units to the same connector ? How this is possible ?


In the parameter dialog box, my fist parameter is correctly linked to Normal stiffness.

When I try to link the second parameter to preload force, a link to Normal stiffness is already created and I can't remove it ? Thus it is not possible to link the second parameter to preload.


Please help !

Thank you very much.