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EPDM, Getting latest on actual folders

Question asked by James D on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2015 by James D

Hello swForums!


Ok, Here's the deal;

There's this mostly empty folder structure in our EPDM Vault that gets programmatically copied a lot.

But since the folder structure gets changed from time to time there needs to be a way to get latest on it before hand.


And I did that with this:


Private Vault As IEdmVault15 = New EdmVault5

     Private Sub FolderUpdater(ByVal FolderList As String())

        'Select Folders
        Dim i As Integer = FolderList.Count
        Dim Directory(i) As EdmSelItem

        For Each Folder As String In FolderList
            i = i - 1
            Directory(i).mlDoID = 0 
            Directory(i).mlProjID = Vault.GetFolderFromPath(Folder).ID

        Try 'Update Folders
            Console.Write("Getting Latest...      ")
            Dim BG As IEdmBatchGet
            BG = Vault.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_BatchGet)
            BG.AddSelection(Vault, Directory)
            BG.CreateTree(0, EdmGetCmdFlags.Egcf_Nothing)
            BG.GetFiles(0, Nothing)
            Console.WriteLine("Update Complete!")
        Catch ex As Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
            Console.WriteLine("HRESULT = 0x" + ex.ErrorCode.ToString("X") + vbCrLf + ex.Message)
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
     End Sub


The problem is that this method fails to get newly added empty folders or update folders that have had their names changed.

(It also fails to update files that have been deleted and re-added).


Any suggestions would be really awesome!