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Vertical text alignment in 2016 tables

Question asked by Paul Hickman on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Paul Hickman

Hi all,


Had a search but couldn't find a similar discussion so apologies if this has already cropped up.


When adding custom property text to a table (any table) the vertical alignment of the text is offset towards the lower end, as if the ref point of the text is at the bottom, not the center. I'll try and elaborate with some images..


In the image above, all text is 3mm high and vertically (and horizontally) centered - all good.  The right hand column contains custom (sheet) properties - again all appears OK.


Now I have changed the font size of the table and the normal text on the left is still centered whereas the custom property text is now at the bottom of the cell.


This problem is exacerbated when I align the text to the bottom if the cell!


The issue appears no matter what custom property is used, even system properties do the same so the issue isn't with the custom property text.


Anyone else come across this issue?  All works fine in 2015 sp5 - not sure what's happened with 2016?