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Accessing SW Material database in *WELDMENT* custom property tab

Question asked by Dan Frey on Dec 3, 2015

Hi all,


I am trying to create a custom property tab for weldment cut list items. I already have a tab for parts, assemblies, and drawings.


One of the properties I want to add to the Weldment custom property tab is the Material of the cut list item. In the Part custom property tab, it is possible to create a Text field and assign the value [SW-Material] to the field. This causes the SolidWorks material database to be accessible from within the tab.


I would like to achieve this same functionality for individual cut list items, which may have a different material than the overall part. I have tried the same [SW-Material] value but the result still changes the material for the overall part. Other codes I have tried are not recognized (i.e. they do not link to the SW Material database).


Does anyone know whether this is possible? I have attached a screenshot to clarify what I am looking for.