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Subscription Services online problem

Question asked by Bob Gibson on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Bob Gibson

My company has a full service contract with Solidworks.  However, my ("My Solidworks") online account doesn't acknowledge this fact (see attachment).  As a result, I am unable to utilize, as an example, the free certification exams that become available.  At the same time, my only alternative is to contact other employees within my company who, strangely, seem to have this access.  So, why them and not me!  I'd rather not bother anyone and simply have the corrected status built into my personal account-like everyone else.  I've phoned customer support several times and they always transfer me to my local VAR customer assistant who, as one would expect, has no ability to correct online accounts.  Has anyone else had this similar experience?  If so, who did you finally contact who would listen and correct the problem?