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Workgroup PDM revision numbering of parts and drawings...!!

Question asked by Hardik Patel on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Hardik Patel

Hello everyone,


I want to ask that, how can we track the part/assembly corresponding to the drawing in Workgroup PDM.


For example, I've created a part with the revision number X01 (revision mark will go onwards X01-X99), and I'll prepare the drawing for that part as the revision number A01 (revision mark will go onwards A01-A99). Now, as the time move forward sometimes I'll changed the part only and sometimes I'll changed the drawing only (according to the requirement), and I'll check-in that part/drawing into the vault with the next revision number. Now, after few weeks/months when I want to open the part with the older versions, it will work great. But if I will open older version of drawings its not good. I mean we cannot connect that, which revision of older drawing to correspond to which revision of older version of part. This was creating a huge problem for us. If anyone can figure it out it'll be great help.