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Working with modo - I suddenly can't export to LXO format. PV360 is Active, what's up?

Question asked by Erik Ela on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by Erik Ela

Using SW2015 SP4. I have PhotoView360 Add-in active and can make photo renders. I choose "Save As" and select "LXO". Narration says "Preparing files for PhotoView" and Rendering PhotoView" and when it finishes, there is no file export. I can export to other file formats like STEP. I can "Save As" to a new SW assembly. I have tried using different assembly file to start from. I have reinstalled SW15 SP4. I have talked to support, who said to try SP5 (but I can't until my IT group finishes vetting it).


Export to LXO was working a few weeks ago. I know because I'm teaching myself Modo 901 and I've got a few renders from SW-created LXO files.


The other possibility is that some kind of Microsoft security update in the past month or so caused a conflict. I'm in Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.