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How do you manage versions of drawings that you send out for quoting?

Question asked by Zach Martin on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by Chris Saller

How do you manage the versions of drawings that you send to machine shops for quoting?  I might send 2-5 drawings to a shop before finalizing the design, so I have all these 'revisions' (that aren't true Revisions since the part is not issued yet) and I end up adding a "v2" or "v3" etc to the end of the PDF filename.  And I want to make it really obvious so that when we place the order, the shop does not make me a part from the wrong drawing.


The way I do this now is I write "not for production" in all capital letters on the drawing and then I don't remove that until we have the finalized part.


In some firms they will use revisions A,B,C etc for pre-release.  Then the first 'real' release of the part is rev 0, and subsequent revs go 1,2,3...


Curious to know how other people handle this.