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SW2015 SP5 crashing on UI

Question asked by Umberto Zanola on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by John Sweeney

Not a serious bug, but a one that make you wonder about the instability of this program.


I load SW and on the very first empty screen RMB on the toolbar area and choosing to show the "configurations" icon make the program crash.

Tested on two different HP Z30  workstations, tried to run SW also as administrator (as it has clean toolbars without any customization) and get to reproduce the crash 100% of times.

Fortunately once you load a model this "bug" is not present, anyway I got some unpleasant crash on stupid things (color change etc. like I the one got when we installed SP4) or just closing SW during a simulation.


As usual I cannot send crash reports as the program fail to do it, probably for some network security setting and the company firewall (auth required).