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"High Mach Number flow exists"--tho i m running the sim at 5m/s..Help-PLZ 

Question asked by Asif Nafi on Dec 2, 2015

I am in a dire situation cuz my project will be cancelled if i can't solve this within a few days. So I seek your help with this.. Whole details about the project is given below,


Experiment Name : Flow over a wing with leading-edge rotation.

Analysis Type- External Flow analysis(Time Dependent Analysis)

Airfoil- NACA0024 (0.2m chord,0.6m span),

Leading-Edge Cylinder- 25mm dia,rotating at 400rad/s , 3820RPM clockwise.

freestream Velocity-5m/s

AOA-5 degree


Problem Details-  i faced no problem regarding the setup. everything's ok tho i have sm questions about total analysis time and output step time.

I put 20s and 5s values for these options.

When i started the simulation mesh generation finished properly no prb faced.

But after some iterations "High Mach Number Flow Exists" was shown in solver..ALSO the PRESSURE n VELOCITY plot was totally blue no changes there..

I have attached the main files. plz run those files in ur pc n lemme knw if there's anything wrong with my setup..please save me i tried changing every values that i know of but it just wont b solved..plz help me.